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 Although you may not be feeling that way when you look in the mirror or touch your face. I FEEL YOU! I was there. From the age of 14 until I was 29 I hated my face. A relentless onslaught of acne, scarring, discolouration and dull skin. You couldn't pay me to go out without full coverage foundation on.

I tried everything! High-end, low-end skincare, dermatologist concoctions and antibiotics.

I discovered along the way that as much as you feel that you are not in control there are many things you can do to improve your complexion. And it starts here with my free skincare assessment guide.

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If you resist what is coming it’s only gonna get worse. And I’m not talking about that awkward conversation with your boss you’ve been avoiding, am talking about that zit you can feel forming on your chin that you’ve been desperately exfoliating and giving the evil eye to. And believe me, I get that the constant onslaught of pimple after painful pimple becomes such a hassle that it begins to be all that you can think about. Maybe it’s not even another zit for you, maybe it’s another bad eczema patch that’s flakier than your friend Susan. Or it could be your rosacea is making it look like you did your blush in a moving vehicle…that was also going through a dark tunnel.

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Sexual Advocacy In Today’s World, with Pega Ren

This week on “The Self Advocate…” Julia chats with Pega Ren, a sex therapist. How do you know when you need a sex therapist? Pega answers this question and many others, as well as discusses the #metoo movement, the recent Gillette commercial outrage, and sexual personalities.

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