Empowering women to 
understand what is going on with their face!

I am a 36 year old twin mom, educator, skin-thusiast, and former pimple popper. I am passionate about helping women understand their own skin so that they can be in charge of their image. After battling acne and scarring for 16 years I decided to take what I had learned and help others not suffer as I did.

Through research, trial and error, tears and frustration, I cleared my acne and finally achieved the healthy skin I had longed for. By overcoming many challenges, my self-confidence and self-worth were returned.

Living that former pimple life is possible, you don’t have to live worrying about people staring at your face. Not fully showing up in your life prevents you from truly enjoying it. Even if you don’t suffer from acne, when you don’t like how you look it is a constant battle with the mirror to feel worthy.

I’ve been there, I get it.

I know that every step and product counts and that no one regrets taking care of themselves, but we do regret when we waste our time and money on products, methods and routines that provide us with ZERO results. My sole goal is to guide you to the great skin you always wanted and deserve.

People who know and work with me would describe me as bold, kind, fierce, protective, intentional, patient, and relentless.


Julia Maria is not a doctor or dermatologist, nor claims to be. Julia provides advice and suggestions on a holistic, non-pharmacological skincare approach based on positive results from her own personal research and experiences and those of her clients.