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The Many Faces of Addiction, with Lencha Nastova

Synopsis: This week on “The Self Advocate…” Julia chats with Lencha Nastova, who is one of the many faces of drug addiction. Now in recovery, Lencha helps people overcome addiction and reclaim their life through self-empowerment. Make sure to signup for Audible today to get your FREE audio book and 30-day trial. <a href=”https://hologramradio.org/donate” rel=”payment”>Please…
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Understanding Art Therapy, with Ladan Rahbary

Synopsis: This week on “The Self Advocate…” Julia chats with Ladan Rahbary, an art therapist. Alternative therapies are often dismissed or given no merit. Today Ladan shares some personal stories about how art can bridge the gap when conventional therapy doesn’t work. Duration: 42:09:00 Present: Julia Maria, Ladan Rahbary Episode Links Vancouver Art Therapy Institute…
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Creating Boundaries Brings Freedom, with Deidre Sirianni

Synopsis: This week on “The Self Advocate…” Julia chats with Deidre Sirianni–a speaker, author, and women’s empowerment business coach–about learning to create boundaries in your personal relationships and life. Duration: 38:07:00 Present: Julia Maria, Deidre Sirianni Episode Links deidresirianni.com Follow your hosts, guests, and the show on Twitter Julia Maria on Facebook Julia Maria on…
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Your Gut Is More In Charge of Your Health Than You Think – With Jennifer Lloyd

Synopsis: This week on “The Self Advocate…” Julia chats with holistic nutritionist, Jennifer Lloyd at “Eat For Living.” They take a deep dive into explaining what holistic nutrition is and is not, how the food you eat affects your gut microbiome, and what you can do to improve your health by making tweaks to what…
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Reclaiming Your Body, with Lyndsy Pahl

Synopsis: This week on “The Self Advocate…” Lyndsy Pahl is a mother of two who physically and mentally wanted to feel and look better. Throwing the self-limiting belief aside that it’s too late to change, she created a program to reclaim her body that allowed her live life by her design. Now she wants to…
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The Health Benefits of Moringa Oleifera with Kumusta Moringa Founder Dehara September

Synopsis: This week on “The Self Advocate” Julia interviews Dehara September, the founder of Kumusta Moringa and a mother who turned her difficulties with producing breastmilk into a wellness business to transform the health and lives of others. Duration: 40:20:00 Present: Julia Maria, Dehara September Episode Links Kumusta Moringa What is Moringa Oleifera? Follow your…
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The Healthcare Practitioner You Didn’t Know Existed

Synopsis: Known as the jack of all trades in the healthcare system, Occupational Therapists are widely unknown or poorly understood. What is an Occupational Therapist and when should you see one? These questions and more are discussed on today’s inaugural episode of The Self Advocate podcast. Duration: 39:04:00 Present: Julia Maria, Julie Boswell, Alana McCaw…
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