LaVigne Natural Skincare – Use code JULIA at checkout

I love this brand for so many reasons, they’re Canadian, family owned and are committed to making beautiful products. The whole line works beautifully together as well as apart. If you have reactive skin and/or want to try something with a low chance of causing you grief, this is the brand for you. They all also have a great price point and free local shipping. My personal favs are the Advanced Firming Cream and the cleanser.”

Kumusta Moringa – Use code JULIAMARIA10 at checkout for 10% off

Yet another indie brand that deserves a lot of love. This is a picture of the owner and I with my two favourite products. The cold pressed Moringa Oil and the Moringa Oleifera Powder. Kumusta Moringa imports and processes the “Tree of Life” as it is called at an affordable price and in its pure and raw state. The powder is a staple in my smoothies and is an easy way to boost the amount of nutrients you get on the daily. You gotta nature that skin from the inside out too!

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