Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what my clients say:

Growing up I suffered from atopic dermatitis also known as eczema. It was mild. I had it on the in every crease. Arms, behind the knees and a bit on my neck. I was given a topical steroid cream from the doctor and I overused it. I was never told about the side effects of the cream. And I never knew it was a steroid cream. I’ve been using it since I was 5 years old and I never thought to question it. Over time my skin became addicted to the cream and it got to be really bad. My body and especially my face was swollen, red, easily irritated. I became intolerant to pretty much every food and drink out there. The redness and flakiness of my skin Spreaded throughout my body and every time I would stop using the cream, I would get a really bad flare up. It left me confused and self conscious for most of my life. Stressful as I was always thinking and worrying about my skin. Over time I was depressed and it took away from my quality of life. I never wanted to go swimming or boating, always covered up my skin on hot days, and hated to party because the alcohol made everything 10x worse.

What was it like working with Julia?

Amazingggg. I went through a Topical Steroid Withdrawal. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to go though in my life. It made me so depressed I contemplated my life for months. I felt like an alien. People would follow me around the store to stare at me and I locked myself away in my condo as much as I could for almost 6 months. I lived on the couch and in my tub. Spending 8 hours a day in the tub and slept on the couch 2 hours a night because I was on so much pain and discomfort. During that time of withdrawal I had my boyfriend and Julia. She wasn’t just a skin specialist who gave me great products and advice, she also supported me mentally too and that’s something I could never repay her for. Just so sweet and made me feel good about myself. She made me laugh and I could message her all the time and she would always respond to me. Thanks girl xo

How was your skin after you completed Julia’s 3 month Skin Therapy program and how do you feel emotionally/mentally now about your appearance?

I went from scaly, red, irritated ‘elephant’ skin to basically clear skin! Sometimes it gets a tiny bit dry but I’ve always had dry skin, however; my eczema is gone! I’ve never felt so confident in my life!! Everyday it gets better. It’s a lifestyle change. I use good products and I eat good, and my skin is so radiant and clear. My boyfriend said he has never seen my skin so clear before in the 4 years I have been with him. I feel so confident and beautiful now. I receive compliments from everyone that knew me. I’m happy everyday and this whole experience has made me so grateful for what and who I have in my life.


I left my house the other day forgetting to put foundation on. I saw someone I hadn’t seen for over a year and she couldn’t stop saying how much my skin was glowing and how healthy and radiant I looked!

One of my friends told me it looks like I’m getting younger! And my skin and face look better now than I did at 26 and I had good skin then!

I was excited to work with Julia because of her own story and the empathy she displayed when listening to my concerns. She is very knowledgeable and when she didn’t have an answer to my question she got back to me very quickly after researching the answer for me saving me so much time and putting my mind at ease.

I am very picky about ingredients and scents and sensitive to many things and I needed someone who could help me find the best products. I highly recommend working with Julia and am very happy with my results!

Rita N.

Julia definitely knows skin! Before working with Julia I had struggled with my skin for pretty much my whole life (chronic breakouts, redness, colour imbalances, too dry or oily skin). As these things plagued me into adulthood I had become very self conscious of my skin and I wasn’t feeling as confident as I wanted to be in some pretty important areas of my life, business, and dating.

When I decided I was done hiding behind my hair and glasses I looked for help and found Julia and I’m so glad that I did! Julia tailored a well rounded skin therapy program specifically for me and really took the time to make sure everything I was using and doing was working. I loved her support through this journey and I really felt like she got me and my skin struggles! My results after working with Julia for a year are amazing! My skin looks and feels the best it ever has and my confidence levels are through the roof!

I honestly thought I would have to live with my skin issues forever but thanks to Julia’s expertise and guidance I don’t! Julia is your woman if you want glowing skin results that last!

Talia G.